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Fabric Technology

“Solidea has added a new dimension to therapeutic compression. The inner layer of these garments is produced with a unique process that results in a relief pattern of circumferential ribs. As the body moves these ribs expand and contract to create a gentle wave of pressure to stimulate the capillaries and move fluid.

Unlike standard compression garments which move fluids through the deeper channels, this combination appears to stimulate the superficial system and enable continued function.

Lower level graduated compression, which is easier to put on and take off, in conjunction with the garment’s massage action increases effectiveness and comfort. This can result in improved patient compliance and outcome.

–– Dr. Philip Allmendinger,
       Cardiovascular Surgeon

Innovative and Uniquely Effective Compression Garments

Solidea of Italy is redefining the compression industry with their next generation compression wear. Extensive research and development of new fabric technology has resulted in garments with unparalleled effectiveness, comfort and style. Solidea’s patented fabrics and sophisticated designs have been made with the finest quality materials and craftsmanship since 1976.

  • Active Massage Collection
    Unique 3D wave knit fabric combined with lighter graduated compression, creates a gentle micro massage as your body moves. This massage action stimulates micro circulation in the vast network of lymphatic and venous capillaries just beneath your skin to maximize fluid movement. Improved micro circulation is beneficial  for managing  chronic lymphedema, edema and  helping to reduce swelling post surgically.
  • Classic Control Collection
    As beautiful and elegant as it is effective and comfortable. Graduated compression garments made with this soft, breathable and light weight fabric are easy to put on and an excellent choice for managing chronic vein issues.
  • Classic Support Collection
    In sheer and opaque options, these garments offer therapeutic benefits without compromising comfort and style. The graduated compression garments in this collection are designed with soft, breathable and ultra light weight fabrics that are are easy to put on and an excellent choice for mild vein issues, as a preventative, or to help energize tired, achy legs.
  • Solidea’s most advanced garments feature embedded silver fibers to reduce bacteria, the chance of infection and minimize odor.
  • The antimicrobial treatment is a hygienic textile treatment with high-wash durability that reduces bacteria that cause odors.

  • All Solidea garments are Latex free.