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About Us

A Quest for Exceptional Compression Garments

LSC Distribution was founded by Susan Callison a breast cancer survivor affected by lymphedema post treatment. Unable to find lymphedema compression garments to effectively manage her condition, she went on a worldwide search for an alternative. As a result, she found and partnered with Solidea, an Italian compression garment manufacturer in business since 1976. With the discovery of their innovative designs and the therapeutic benefits of the Advanced Micro Massage fabric for dramatically reducing her edema, Susan dedicated her life to bringing awareness and providing this state of the art compression wear to the United States.

Whether you require the arm sleeve, lymphedema compression stockings or have any of the endless conditions which call for compression, Solidea has something for everyone. “Solidea’s innovative designs and Advanced Micro Massage compression wear have significantly improved my condition and allowed me the freedom to once again enjoy everyday life! This manufacturer is redefining the compression garment industry and I believe every patient requiring compression should have access to their revolutionary garments.” Susan Callison CEO/Patient.

Innovative Compression Garments by Solidea

In 1976 Enzo Pinelli, founder and lead designer of Solidea had a revolutionary vision—to fuse technological advancements with Italian design and contemporary aesthetics. From its inception, Solidea invested in research, development and clinical testing of new designs with advanced yarns and fabrics from its state of the art factory. This results in superior quality medical compression garments that offer incredible comfort, effectiveness, durability and style.

To insure the highest quality and precise degree of compression in each garment, the factory is climate controlled and the garments are checked at every point in the manufacturing process. The compression is then tested by measuring the millimeters of mercury (mmHg) to insure the proper degree of compression and elasticity of each garment. Solidea is also certified for the non-toxic nature of the chemicals used in the dyeing process.